Contract Staffing

Temporary and Contract Staffing

Permanent staffing is not always necessary, especially when dealing with temporary holiday shortfall or sudden demand for a particular domain in your short and long-term projects. Our temporary staffing solution will fill up your demand for such shortfalls instantly. We shall cover all the paraphernalia ranging from interviewing, recruiting, and terminating to negotiating payments and distributing paychecks, maintaining records of payments and liabilities, insurance coverage, and filling required forms.


Under certain circumstances, you may desire to interview interim staff for your recruitment needs. In such a scenario both our temporary staff as well as the clients earn an opportunity to explore each other and reach a self-assured settlement.

➢ Recruitment strategy planner

➢ Innovative and diverse staffing programs

➢ Direct recruitment for temporary positions

➢ Salary negotiations as per market search

➢ Interim and contract bill rate consultation

➢ Assurance on every staffing solution